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Ticket Update


The Ticket to Work and Work Incentives Improvement Act of 1999 Implementation Update

The Request for Proposal for the Employment Networks was announced on April 13, 2001. The proposal can be downloaded from the Social Security Administration website at af11.htm.


The Ticket to Work and Work Incentive Advisory Panel continues to meet every other month, usually in Washington, D.C. Check out their schedule of meetings, as well as read a copy of their report to SSA on the ticket regulations at


SSA has issued a fact sheet on the Medicare extension part of the Ticket legislation. The fact sheet can be found at:


The Ticket legislation required SSA to issue a report identifying all categories of income and resources that are excluded in making eligibility determinations for SSI and SSDI. It is a fascinating report, and is available on-line at:


For up-to-the-minute information from SSA about all aspects of employment and work incentives, check out the website at