1. Report the following information to SSA (both SSDI and SSI claims representatives, DHS-DPA (Medicaid and Cash Assistance/Food Stamps Caseworker, Housing Authority, and ORS Home Services)
    • Start date of employment
    • Employer Name, Address and Telephone Number
    • Approximate Schedule Weekly and Monthly
    • Wage per hour approximate monthly income
    • Anticipated Impairment Related Work Expenses: Expenses paid out-of-pocket related to work and disability
    • Anticipated Subsidy (to determine SGA for SSDI and for all SSA applications)
  2. Each month send copies of pay stubs to all interested parties (along with IRWE expense receipts, i.e., medication, doctors / therapists, job coaching, special transportation get prior approval):
    • Social Security both SSI and SSDI Claims Representatives
    • DHS DPA both Medicaid and Cash Assistance Caseworkers
    • Housing Authority (Note HUD Earned Income Disregards, effective April 2001)
  3. If receiving SSDI
    • Keep track of Trial Work Period (TWP) Months (any amount earned over $580 in one month during 2004 the amount was $560 in one month during 2002 and was $570 during 2003)
    • Allow for 3 months grace period during which continuing disability review is completed
    • Return checks not due you to the SSA office get a receipt
    • Keep track of Extended Period of Eligibility, if income falls below $810 (in 2004) during 36 month EPE, notify SSA that a check is due.
    • Medicare coverage will continue at least 93 months after the TWP for a total of at least 8 and years including TWP months. This is an additional 4 years as of 10/1/2022
  4. If receiving SSI

  • Allow for earned income exclusion
  • Subtract any IRWE expenses
  • Keep track of 1619a eligibility if not eligible for benefit check due to income from work or if earning over $810 (in 2004) a month, eligible for Medicaid without a spenddown verify eligibility with SSA and Public Aid
  • Keep track of 1619b eligibility if earning less than $25,641 annually (in 2004) eligible for Medicaid without a spenddown