SSI for Young Adults (Age 18 and older) 

Young adults with disabilities may also qualify for SSI. Generally speaking, young adults relying on or seeking SSI benefits fall into three categories:

The Disability Standard for Young Adults

A young adult must show that s/he is disabled using the adult SSI standard, which covers persons from age 18 until they turn age 65. The disability standard is hard to meet; an individual age 18 or older must show that s/he is unable, due to a medical impairment or combination of medical impairments that have lasted, or are expected to last 12 months or result in death, to perform any jobs that exist in substantial numbers in the national or local economy.

How Work Affects SSI Eligibility

Many young adults are working, or want to go to work. Generally speaking, a young adult will be considered to be working if s/he is employed and earning more than $830 per month (in 2005). There are exceptions, however.

What Are The Other Eligibility Criteria

Young adults must satisfy the income and asset guidelines to qualify for SSI. However, once a person turns age 18, his parents’ income and assets are no longer counted in determining his SSI eligibility, even if she or he is still living with parents.

The non-citizen eligibility rules apply to young adults just as they do in children’s cases.

How To Apply and How To Appeal

The application and appeal procedures are identical to those used for children.


Unlike with children, SSI eligibility is beneficial in assisting young adults to qualify for Medicaid.

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