Work Incentives Working Group

The SSI Coalition coordinates a statewide working group to address issues that face people with disabilities who want to return to work. The working group will address, among other issues, pending federal legislation that impacts the Social Security Administration's work incentive programs, Medicaid waivers that could help people buy-in to Medicaid, and how the new Workforce Investment Act can impact people with disabilities. Much of the work is done in subcommittees. The sub-committees are:

A) Workforce Investment Act: This sub-committee will follow the implementation of WIA, and keep the working group apprised of opportunities for comment and advocacy.

B) Medicaid Buy-In: This group will work with the State on applying for a Medicaid plan amendment.

C) Statewide Coalition: This group will work on getting a larger group together to work on all of our issues.

D) Legislative: This group will work on monitoring the federal legislation - the Work Incentives Improvement Act- and preparing strategies for providing input to our federal legislators on the bills.

E) Medicare: This group will follow the debate on Medicare reform as it affects people with disabilities and keep the working group informed about any potential advocacy opportunities.

F) Social Security Issues: This sub-committee will meet with SSA to problem solve issues like tracking earned income and getting timely benefit information for work incentive purposes, as well as bring systemic and individual problems to the attention of SSA.

G) Social Security Trust Fund: This sub-committee will monitor developments on this issue and bring information to the working group.

If you are interested in participating in this working group, please call the SSI Coalition at 312-223-9600, or e-mail us at, and we will put you on our mailing list about future meetings around the state.