What We Do

We make programs work better for people and payors.

We provide expert information and know-how that breaks down barriers to health access, public benefits and disability employment. We provide organizations with strategies, policies, project management, training and community-based partnerships that lead to success.

  • Innovation for Complex Populations - SPW has direct experience working with governments and health plans to improve services and supports for complex populations. Our decades of experience gives us a unique perspective to drive sustainable innovation that improves outcomes.
  • Care Coordination and Social Determinants of Health - We are experts on the programs that make communities stronger and healthier. We provide strategies and tools that help organizations integrate social determinants into their care models.
  • Member and Stakeholder Engagement - Our extensive expertise working in communities with stakeholders on complicated problems can help organizations engage and build collaborative solutions.
  • Training and Capacity Building - We unravel complex health and public benefits programs to expand knowledge and improve practice. Our approach to training helps organizations create new opportunities for clients and patients.