What Is HDA?

Health & Disability Advocates breaks down social, economic and structural barriers to health and well-being. Core to our mission is empowering people with complex medical and social needs to navigate the health delivery system and advocate effectively for the services and supports critical to good health. HDA has a national presence and has for years been a leader in developing and supporting policies and practices to ensure access to healthcare and support for disadvantaged populations – the low income and the disabled.

The needs of older adults and people with chronic conditions are complex and overlapping - and so are the government programs devoted to them. Our research, policy analysis, education, and advocacy efforts over the years have helped bread down economic, systemic, and social barriers to health and well-being for hundreds of thousands Americans facing disadvantages, and have helped build the capacity of communities and existing programs to work more effectively.

Our Values

• Respect - to acknowledge and value local and population-specific perspectives, initiatives, and goal.
• Collaboration - to leverage capacity within and across multiple sectors, building strength through partnerships
• Innovation - to reach for policies and opportunities that bring new value to the challenge of health status improvement
• Excellence - to be uncompromising in pursuit of improved health outcomes
• Expertise - to bring knowledge, wisdom, experience, and clarity of purpose to public policy development and build capacity of the health and social services delivery system implementing policy
• Collective action - to respect and give voice to grassroots and population-specific policy perspectives

Our Vision

HDA aims for a healthier country supported by prudent public policies that help people preserve and attain good health and well-being.