ACA and Health Reform

The Affordable Care Act is the most sweeping reform of the healthcare system in the United States since Medicare. It brought with it many changes that affect the day-to-day work of health and social service providers and case managers.

Intro to the Affordable Care Act

This training explores major changes that occurred with the implementation of the Affordable Care Act including the Health Insurance Marketplace, financial assistance, and Medicaid Expansion.

Target Audiences:

  • Health and social service providers

Delivery Method: This training is appropriate for audiences of any size.

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Special Enrollment Periods

This training explains times when those eligible for health insurance through the health insurance marketplace can enroll in coverage outside of the traditional time frame of open enrollment.

Target Audiences:

  • Social service providers
  • Case managers

Delivery Method: This training is meant for audiences of any size. In addition to the online training center, HDA offers in person training sessions for this course.

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Impact of the ACA on VR Programs

Highlights key changes in the ACA that provide new funding and opportunities for vocational and employment-related supports.

Target Audiences:

  • VR counselors and administrators
  • Attorneys and legal advocates (CAP)

Delivery Method: This training is meant for audiences of any size. Following the training, HDA will reach out to participants in order to share information about state-to-state experiences, best/next-step practices, and follow up webinars that address participants’ interests.

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