Health & Disability Advocates



HDA is a local, regional and national technical assistance and training center. Our team of experts works with you to design and provide tailor-made technical assistance programs, trainings and resource materials to meet your specific needs.

Technical Assistance

Each year, HDA provides technical assistance to hundreds of individuals, community-based organizations, health care professionals, and state and federal agencies throughout the country. In addition, HDA regularly convenes meetings of federal and state agencies, advocates, consumer groups, and community-based providers to develop cogent public policy around disability and health. We provide a neutral forum, where all points of view are included and sound policy solutions emerge. HDA’s technical assistance models include and assist a broad range of stakeholders and focus on a variety of issues including:


HDA’s team of experts is available to meet your training needs. Each year, our attorneys and policy experts conduct hundreds of public benefits trainings. Our training modules assist individuals with disabilities, health care providers, community based service providers, and local and state agency case handlers. Whether you need an introductory course for new case workers, or an in depth, multi-day program for veteran staff, our training team is available to help. Please contact HDA at 312-223-9600 for more information about trainings, and to discuss our fee scale.

A sample of recent training topics include:

HDA has an extensive library of materials for consumers, advocates, and health care providers on the range of health care and public benefits programs . We provide everything from brief fact sheets, advocacy tips, and talking points, to comprehensive resource and training manuals.

For more information about specific technical assistance and training opportunities from HDA follow the links on the left-hand side of the page to read about projects currently underway at HDA. To view current resource materials available from HDA, click here to go to the site’s Materials Library and search our online database.