Our Websites

  • Data Matters - Data presentations on healthcare delivery, Medicaid, the ACA and the uninsured in Illinois. Visit
  • Illinois Connections for Families of the Fallen - Connecting families through events, workshops, and peer support after a catastrophic loss. Visit
  • Illinois Health Matters - Detailed information on what health reform and health access mean for the people of Illinois. Visit
  • Military Sexual Assault Awareness - Nationally recognized workshops educating care professionals and community members on this under-reported trauma. Visit
  • Our Family Security - Factual information and stories from real people with a family member who receives benefits, show that Social Security is a vital resource in maintaining the economic well-being of ordinary American families. Visit
  • Patient Empowerment - First-of-its-kind stakeholder training project for people with traumatic spinal cord injuries to prepare them to play active roles in SCI research. Visit
  • Think Beyond The Label - Our $11 million national media campaign on disability and employment involved more than 30 states challenged the traditional understanding of professional capability. Visit