Websites that have made a difference.

Several of our family of initiatives have been assumed by other partners. Rest of our family of ancillary, issues-based digital properties is being maintained in an archival state to continue to provide access to resources developed over the years

  • Healthy Chicago Hospital Collaborative - Promoted a collective impact on health outcomes by fostering learning, sharing of resources, data, and best practices. In 2017, this initiative merged with the Health Impact Collaborative of Cook County and is being operated by the Illinois Public Health Institute.
  • HelpHub - This online community where enrollment and outreach specialists in Illinois can share their experiences is now being operated by the Shriver Center.
  • Illinois Connections for Families of the Fallen - Connecting families through events, workshops, and peer support after a catastrophic loss
  • Illinois Health Matters - This site served as a precursor to the state’s Get Covered Illinois marketplace and provided detailed information on what health reform and health access mean for the people of Illinois during the first six years of the ACA.
  • Our Family Security - This website offered factual information and stories from real people with a family member who receives benefits, show that Social Security is a vital resource in maintaining the economic well-being of ordinary American families.
  • Patient Empowerment - This first-of-its-kind stakeholder training project for people with traumatic spinal cord injuries to prepared them to play active roles in SCI research.
  • Think Beyond the Label - Our $11 million national media campaign on disability and employment involving more than 30 states challenged the traditional understanding of professional capability.