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The "TOP 10" Things You Need to Know About One-Stops and the Workforce Investment Act

1 The name, contact information, hours, and registration requirements for the One-Stop Center in your community.
Click here to locate the One-Stop Career Center nearest you.

2 The name, contact information, members, and meeting schedules for your Workforce Investment Boards (WIBs), state and local.
Start with the Directory of Workforce Investment Boards

3 Information on disability-specific initiatives and/or partnerships, or relevant waivers, involving your State and/or Local Workforce Investment Board.
Check out the U.S. Department of Labor Employment & Training Administration website.

4 Information on accessibility and accommodation issues and/or problems, if any, at your local One-Stop Center and the process your One-Stop uses for handling disability discrimination complaints.
Start with the WIA Section 188 Disability Checklist.

5 All Supportive Services available through your One-Stop, including guidelines used to decide when Supportive Services are necessary.
Start with the Federal WIA rules on Supportive Services, Sections 663.800-663.840.

6 All Core Services available through your One-Stop.
Start with the WIA guidelines on Core Services, Section 134(d)(2).

7 All Intensive Services available through your One-Stop.
Start with the WIA guidelines on Intensive Services, Section 134(d)(3).

8 All Training Services available through your One-Stop.
Start with the WIA guidelines on Training Services, Section 134(d)(4).

Check out the Department of Labor resources on Individual Training Accounts (ITAs).

9 The Eligible Training Providers in your community and state.
Look at the WIA Eligible Training Providers.

10 Current status of the 2003 reauthorization of the Workforce Investment Act.

Check out the House of Representatives Workforce Reinvestment and Adults Education Act of 2003 (H.R. 1261) at passed in May 2003 and then referred to the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions and the

Senate Workforce Investment Act Amendments of 2003 (S. 1627) at reported out of the Senate Committee on Health, Education, Labor and Pensions on October 2, 2021 (but not yet voted on by the whole Senate)

Also look at these resources for updates and disability-related WIA reauthorization information:

Department of Labor activities related to WIA reauthorization

National Association of State Workforce Agencies Headlines

WIA Reauthorization Forum on One-Stops and People with Disabilities

Online Library

HDA has a wide variety of documents related to workforce development in our online Materials Library.

Here are some of the valuable resources you'll find there:

SSI and Medicaid for Transition Age Youth

This fact sheet describes the Medicaid and SSI programs for children who are approaching transition age and starting to think about moving from school into the adult service world. It offers short descriptions of the SSI, SSDI, Medicaid and Medicare programs and their eligibility criteria. It also lists resources on work incentives and the Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities program.

2010 Work Incentives Training DRS Application

This is the application for DRS Representatives interested in participating in the 2010 Work Incentives Trainings.

2010 Work Incentives Training Flyer

This Flyer describes the 2010 Work Incentives Trainings.

Web Resources

HDA also maintains a list of Links with many other websites and online resources on workforce development.