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Since its inception, Health & Disability Advocates has been working with advocates, providers, states and federal agencies to improve employment services and supports for people with disabilities. As part of its Work Incentives Support Center (WISC), HDA coordinates a statewide working group listserve to speak to issues facing people with disabilities who want to return to work. This listserve addresses, among other issues: pending federal legislation that impacts the Social Security Administration's work incentive programs; Medicaid waivers that could help people buy-in to Medicaid; and how the Workforce Investment Act can impact people with disabilities.

WISC has also developed numerous materials on issues relevant to work incentives. To see a complete list of WISC materials click here.

If you are interested in joining the listserve, please call HDA at 312-223-9600, or E-mail us at and we will put you on our WISC mailing list.

Online Library

HDA has a wide variety of documents related to workforce development in our online Materials Library.

Here are some of the valuable resources you'll find there:

SSI and Medicaid for Transition Age Youth

This fact sheet describes the Medicaid and SSI programs for children who are approaching transition age and starting to think about moving from school into the adult service world. It offers short descriptions of the SSI, SSDI, Medicaid and Medicare programs and their eligibility criteria. It also lists resources on work incentives and the Health Benefits for Workers with Disabilities program.

2010 Work Incentives Training DRS Application

This is the application for DRS Representatives interested in participating in the 2010 Work Incentives Trainings.

2010 Work Incentives Training Flyer

This Flyer describes the 2010 Work Incentives Trainings.

Web Resources

HDA also maintains a list of Links with many other websites and online resources on workforce development.