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The Chicago Medical Legal Partnership for Children (CMLPC) helps young patients and their families obtain legal help. Experienced attorneys from Health & Disability Advocates and the Legal Assistance Foundation are available to meet at partnership sites with families who are in need of free, civil legal assistance. Free legal services are available in the following areas:

Landlord and tenant issues, such as housing conditions problems, lead paint concerns, eviction actions, and public housing (section 8) matters.

Public Benefits:
Supplemental Security Income (SSI), Social Security, TANF, Food Stamps, and other cash assistance programs.

Medicaid, Medicare and Private Insurance Questions:
Eligibility issues and benefits and services available under the Medicaid or Medicare programs, as well as private insurance issues.

Domestic Violence:
Help with obtaining orders of protection, divorce and custody issues.

Special Education and Early Intervention (EI) Advocacy:
Help with special education and EI issues for children with disabilities and special health needs.

Guardianship and Adoption:
Help making arrangements for private guardianships, standby and short-term guardianships, and adoptions.

Help accessing emergency medical services and answers to questions about medical services for immigrants.

Other civil legal issues:
Consumer rights, mortgage foreclosure, bankruptcy and a number of other areas.

If you are a service provider at one of the CMLPC sites, you can make a client referral using the CMLPC Referral Forms. To download a copy of the CMLPC Referral Forms click here.

The CMLPC has also developed a Social Services Survey to assist medical providers, social workers, and case handlers in assessing their client’s needs and making appropriate referrals. To download a copy of the CMLPC Social Services Survey click here.

If you are interested in making a referral for legal services but are not part of one of the existing CMLPC partnership sites, please contact HDA directly at 312-223-9600 or email CMLPC Project Director Amy Zimmerman.

Online Library

HDA has a wide variety of documents related to programs & services for children and medical-legal collaborations in our online Materials Library.

Here are some of the valuable resources you'll find there:

HDA Tips Public Benefits Resource Materials

HDA TIPS (formerly known as TAP TIPS) are a public benefits resource guide for case managers, social workers, and healthcare professionals to use in answering questions that they or their clients have about the specific programs and services available to them. This pocket advocacy guide was updated in September, 2008.

Children's Health Policy Report

The 2007 Children's Health Policy Report describes the recent health care expansions for children in Illinois and explains HDA's role in furthering those expansions. In particular, the Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children (CMLPC) has played a key role in identifying systemic barriers to health care coverage for Illinois' children.

Chicago Medical-Legal Partnership for Children Medical Provider Perspective Presentation

This presentation offers the medical provider's perspective on the effectiveness and efficiency of medical-legal collaborations.

Web Resources

HDA also maintains a list of Links with many other websites and online resources on programs & services for children and medical-legal collaborations.