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The legislative authorization for the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) program is currently set to expire on September 30, 2011.

HDA believes continuation of the MIG program is essential to sustaining and enhancing employment opportunities for people with disabilities. Although there are many reasons why the MIG program should be continued, now is a critical time because:

MIG grantees will be a vital partner to help ensure that the implementation of health care reform does not make people with disabilities, particularly working individuals with disabilities, worse off.

MIG programs are needed to help ensure the infrastructure to support community living for individuals with disabilities exists as more people transition out of institutions and are eligible to receive services through the Money Follows the Person demonstration grants.

Advocacy Campaign

HDA will be spearheading a national advocacy campaign to get legislation passed to continue the MIG program for another 5 years. This web page contains documents that will be useful in helping spread the message about the MIGs.

Check back often for updates, especially regarding strategy and what you can do to aid in the effort to keep the MIG program helping states support working people with disabilities. 



Show Your Senators and Representatives Your Support for the MIG Program!

Check back soon to see how you can help educate Congress on the importance of the MIG program and advocate for its continuation.



The documents below will support advocacy efforts on behalf of the MIG program.


Background information and fact sheets on the MIGs:

Lessons Learned (summary) 

Lessons Learned (longer document)

Medicaid Infrastructure Grants Fact Sheet (1 pager)

MIGs and Medicaid Buy In Programs 

MIGs and Money Follows the Person 

MIGs and Benefit Planning Enhancements 


Background on Legislative Advocacy:

MIG Advocacy: How and Why to Advocate for MIGs 

MIG Advocacy: Who and When to Advocate for MIGs


Setting up a Meeting:


Sample Meeting Request 


State Specific Documents:

State Specific MIG Description Template (1 pager) 


Legislative Language:

Sample draft language for a five year MIG extension 


"All documents on this page were prepared by Health & Disability Advocates. No federal funds, including funds provided to the National Consortium for Health Systems Development by Medicaid Infrastructure Grant grantees, were used in the development of these materials."