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There are several ways to search our materials library for the resources you need:

Select a TOPIC search to view all the documents related to a specific topic area – this may pull up several dozen documents to browse through, but you’re sure to see everything related to the topic you’re interested in. The drop-down menu lists the topics to choose from.

Select a KEY WORD search when certain words might be in the document’s title or summary, or otherwise associated with the document. You can also use this function to search for the author’s name. You can include several key words in your search, for example, Medicare and Medicaid. If you include a "&" between key words, the search will find documents that have BOTH those terms; if you leave out the "&" the search will find documents with either term. (Note: A KEY WORD search finds documents with the specified words in the title, summary, topic, and author fields.)

Select a DATE search if you know approximately when the document was published or issued. You can select a single date or a range of dates to search, for example, from January 1, 2022 through March 31, 2006.

Select a DOCUMENT’S INTENDED AUDIENCE search if you want to find documents that were written for a specific group of people, such as documents written for consumers or documents written for healthcare providers.

You can also combine these search functions to narrow down your search. For example, if a TOPIC search produces too many documents to browse through quickly, you can add a date range to the search (such as all the documents on the topic of Medicaid in the past 3 months). You could also combine a TOPIC search with a KEY WORD search—such as all the documents on the topic of Medicaid that also have "appeals" in the title, summary or key word fields.

Please contact Seomara Sanabria at 312-223-9600, if you need assistance in searching the Library.