Economic Security

For 25 years, HDA has worked to identify and help eliminate systemic barriers to self-sufficiency, employment, and access to services. We monitor state and federal policy to be able to effectively advocate and leverage local assets to implement policy solutions that improve economic security for all, especially disadvantaged populations. Drawing on decades of experience and expertise, our capacity-building education and technical assistance offerings to partners in the disability, aging, military, and social services sector help them develop effective infrastructure that leads to better outcomes. Our initiatives include:

  NCSL & CSG Advisor - HDA served as technical experts on disability employment for National Conference of State Legislatures and Council of State Governments.

  Toolkit for VR Counselors - HDA helped revise the Institute on Rehabilitation Issues‘ to help counselors better understand how the ACA may affect their clients and how the changes in our health care system can provide additional opportunities to eliminate barriers to employment for people and businesses. See the report »

  Our Family Security - HDA created this hub of information and stories from the perspectives of real people who have a family member that receives benefits, to show that Social Security is not a costly program for “other people” but rather a vital resource in maintaining economic well-being of ordinary American families. Visit »

  Think Beyond The Label - HDA spearheaded this $11 million national media campaign on disability and employment involving more than 30 states, which challenged the traditional understanding of professional capability. Visit »

  Veterans Supports - HDA builds the capacity of communities to better meet the needs of military Service Members and their families: Warrior to Warrior helps bridge the gap between military service and civilian life, Connections for Families of the Fallen connects after a catastrophic loss, and MST training helps professionals better serve survivors of military sexual assault.

See a timeline of issues and actions going back to the early 1990s