Health & Disability Advocates



Legal Representation from HDA

Each year, HDA attorneys advise and represent more than 2,000 low-income children and adults in Illinois on their individual rights to receive health care coverage and other public benefits. Attorneys offer legal representation to clients who experience barriers in accessing critical income and health care supports including:

In some cases, HDA’s successful advocacy on behalf of an individual client also helps us raise public awareness about an issue of broad concern. Where appropriate, HDA attorneys use information from an individual case to draw attention to systemic barriers that affect many more people. HDA has both experienced legal and public policy staff who are capable of translating the successful individual cases into broader administrative advocacy or legislative victories.

In addition to offering direct legal representation, HDA provides easily accessible information on the various public benefits and services available in Illinois. Our extensive resources help older adults, low-income individuals with disabilities, parents, and parents of children with disabilities, obtain needed benefits and services. Materials are available on a wide range of programs including: Medicaid, Medicare, All Kids benefits, Early Intervention, respite care, child care benefits, TANF, food stamps, SSI, and SSDI. In addition, HDA offers much-needed advice on how earnings affect public benefits. To view current resource materials available from HDA, click here to go to the site’s Materials Library and search our online database.

For more information about receiving individual legal representation from HDA, contact Tom Yates or Ellyce Anapolsky at 312-223-9600.