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Protect Our Care Illinois

The ACA is a necessity to all Americans, especially vulnerable populations. It’s imperative we protect our care, and you can help by joining the Protect Our Care Coalition.
TAKE ACTION! Join as an organization or as an individual – or do both.Posted February 8

Our ACA and Medicaid One-Pagers

The Affordable Care Act is critically threatened. That’s why we are creating this series of one-pagers, to show in clear and simple ways how the protections of the ACA and Medicaid affect everyday people’s lives in substantial ways. TAKE ACTION! Please read and share ACA one-pagersStarted January 30, ongoing - See all

ACA Congressional Outreach

An estimate 335,000 people in Illinois have health insurance under the Affordable Care Act. Although the Act remains imperfect, it is imperative that these residents’ access to affordable care is protected while improvements are being put in place.
TAKE ACTION! Find your congressperson and let them know exactly how people in their district will be affected: ACA IL Congressional outreach Want to know exactly what they said about the ACA? Here you go: What they saidPosted March 3

Illinois Budget Action

Illinois has entered another new year with no state budget. A new General Assembly has been sworn in and today Governor Rauner will speak to Illinoisans in his State of the State address.TAKE ACTION! Go to to tell Governor Rauner and your lawmakers to set aside political agendas and present complete budget proposals that invest in Illinois families and communities. Act now!Posted January 23 - Read full alert