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Overview: State-to-State Technical Assistance

The National Consortium for Health Systems Development (NCHSD) is a partnership of states that have joined together to assist other state agencies, legislatures, consumers and advocates in their efforts to build systems that support competitive employment for individuals with disabilities.

The primary means for achieving this goal is through state-to-state information sharing, individualized technical assistance, and the dissemination of best practices to a broad array of involved stakeholders in states around the country.

The NCHSD partnership was made possible through a provision in the Ticket to Work & Work Incentives Improvement Act (TWWIIA) through the Medicaid Infrastructure Grant (MIG) program. State learning and dissemination requirements of the Medicaid Infrastructure Grants are achieved through partnership in the NCHSD technical assistance center.

NCHSD Mission Statement

NCHSD is a freestanding, state-driven forum for information sharing and innovation that improves employment policy by facilitating collaboration between and across local, state, and federal experts.

Technical Assistance Opportunities for State MIG Projects

NCHSD offers a wide array of activities and staff support for state-to-state information sharing.

To see our newest technical assistance opportunities around developing state systems capacity for a comprehensive approach to employment for persons with disabilities, click here.

To see the scope of work for 2003, click here.

To see an example of the kinds of tools NCHSD has developed with grantees, click here.

2003 State Partners

Alaska California Connecticut District of Columbia Indiana Kansas Louisiana Maine Massachusetts - New Hampshire North Dakota Oregon Rhode Island Utah Vermont Washington West Virginia Wisconsin Wyoming

Further Information:

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