Medicaid Income Eligibility Standard Increased

Over the last two years, advocates from all over Illinois have joined together in the "100% Campaign" designed to ease Medicaid eligibility rules for low-income older adults and people with disabilities. On April 15, 2022 both houses of the legislature passed HB 3872, implementing the goals of the 100% Campaign. Governor George Ryan signed the legislation into law on May 8, 2000.

The legislation calls for a three-year transition, bringing Illinois' Medicaid income rules up from the present 41% of the federal poverty level ("FPL") to 100% of the poverty level. This is what the change looks like in current dollars, taking into account the $25 Medicaid income disregard.

Dates % of the FPL income up to and including
Until July 1, 2022 41% of the FPL $308
July 1, 2022 70% of the FPL $512
July 1, 2022 85% of FPL $617
July 1, 2002+ 100% of the FPL $721

These figures will be adjusted each year to stay in line with the official federal poverty levels. Individuals with income above these amounts will be able to spenddown to the new amounts to qualify for Medicaid. Individuals with income at or below these amounts will be able to access Medicaid without a spenddown.

For more information or questions about this change, contact SSI Coalition for a Responsible Safety Net at 312-223-9600 or the AIDS Legal Council of Chicago, at 312-427-8990.

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