NOTHING!  You don’t have to do anything with it.   If you don’t use your ticket, you will not see any change in your Social Security or SSI benefits.


DO YOU WANT TO WORK?  If you want assistance getting a job, vocational rehabilitation services or support services, you can take your ticket to an Employment Network.  You can find out about Employment Networks in your area from Maximus at 1-866-968-7842.  The State Vocational Rehabilitation agency (Office of Rehabilitation Services (ORS) in Illinois) is also an Employment Network.


CHOOSE AN EMPLOYMENT NETWORK.  If you choose to work with an Employment Network, you must assign your ticket to an Employment Network and sign an Individual Work Plan (IWP).  The IWP sets out what your goals are and what specific services the Employment Network will provide you to help you meet your goals.


If you choose to assign your ticket to the State Vocational Rehabilitation Agency (ORS), you will sign an Individualized Plan for Employment (IPE), instead of an IWP.  The IPE also sets out your employment goals and the specific services that ORS will provide you to help you meet your goal.


ASSIGN YOUR TICKET AND GET BUSY!  Once your ticket is assigned to an Employment Network, you begin working toward your goals.  The purpose of the Ticket to Work program is to provide you with the supports and services you need to work and reduce or eliminate your dependence on Social Security or SSI benefits.  In order to measure your progress toward reducing your dependence, SSA requires you to make timely progress toward self-supporting employment.



§        For the first 24 months that you are using your ticket, there is no work requirement.  You just have to do whatever your IWP or IPE says you should be doing to prepare yourself for work.

§        After 24 months, in the next 12 months (months 25 – 36) you have to have gross earnings in 3 months at a level that is over the Substantial Gainful Activity (SGA) level ($780/month is 2002).  This means that you can still receive an SSDI or SSI check if you have IRWEs or other exclusions that bring your countable earnings below the SGA amount.

§        In the following 12 months (months 37 through 48), you have to have gross earnings over SGA for 6 months out of the 12.  Again you can use IRWEs or other income exclusions to bring you below SGA and still qualify for a cash benefit.

§        In the last 12 months (months 49 to 60) you have to have gross earnings that make you ineligible for any SSDI or SSI benefit.



WHAT IF I DON’T MAKE TIMELY PROGRESS?  If you don’t make timely progress, SSA may conduct a Medical Continuing Disability Review of your case.  If you do make timely progress, SSA cannot do a continuing disability review of your case while you are using your ticket.  Nothing else will happen to your benefits, unless SSA decides after a continuing disability review that you are no longer disabled.


HOW DOES THE EMPLOYMENT NETWORK GET PAID?  The Employment Network gets paid when you work and earn more than the SGA amount and you no longer qualify for a check from SSDI or SSI.  The Employment Network can get paid for 60 months while you are working.  Therefore the Employment Network has an incentive to help you get a job and keep you employed. 


IS THERE ANYTHING ELSE I NEED TO KNOW?  There are many details that are not included in this fact sheet.  You can contact Maximus, the Office of Rehabilitation Services, an Employment Network, or the SSI Coalition for more information.


Maximus – 1-866-968-7842 (v); 1-866-TDD2WORK (TTY); www.yourtickettowork.com.


Office of Rehabilitation Services Ticket Information – 1-800-795-9973 (v)

1-800-524-9904 (TTY).


SSI Coalition for a Responsible Safety Net – 1-312-223-9600 (v); 1-800-427-0766 (TTY).