Workforce Development

Illinois Specific
1.  1619 Fact Sheet
2.  Returning To Work - Q and A
3.  Health Benefits For Workers With Disabilities
4.  State Public Benefits Manual
5.  Medicaid For Young Adults
6.  Work Incentives Support Center Policy Group
7.  Work Incentives Support Center Policy Group Updates - Information To Be Posted As Available

1.  Alert! Changes In Work Incentives
2.  Checklist For Using Your Ticket
3.  Continuing Disability Review Process
4.  Expedited Reinstatement
5.  HUD Requirements
6.  No Nonsense Manual - Soon To Be Available
7.  Over Payment Flow Chart - Soon To Be Available
8.  U.S. Supreme Court Decision

1.  Update of the Work Incentives Advisory Group

Ticket To Work & Work Incentives Improvement Act  of 1999
Soon to be Available

Work Investment Act of 1998
Soon To Be Available


Forms - Under Construction