If you are on SSI and have Medicaid, and you go to work, you might be eligible for FREE MEDICAID (without a spend down).

There is a special program for people who work. If you earn more than $800 (IN 2003) in gross wages, or lose SSI because of wages, then you may be eligible for FREE MEDICAID.


1. Take your paycheck stubs to your local Social Security (SSA) office. You must take your paycheck stubs to your SSA office by the 10th of every month, or mail them in by the 1st of every month to keep your Medicaid without a spend down.

2. Ask the SSA worker to make sure that all the information has been received to make a 1619 decision on your case.

3. SSA will consider your gross earnings and how much you use Medicaid, and will make a 1619 decision.

4. If you meet the requirements for 1619, ask for proof of your 1619 status and take that and this flyer to your case worker at the Department of Human Services. Ask for 1619 Medicaid.


The IDHS Policy Manual 06-06-02 has the rules for 1619 Medicaid, under the section titled "Qualified Severely Impaired Individuals." Disabled SSI recipients who earn more than $800 or who lose their SSI because of wages are probably 1619 eligible.

To verify that someone is eligible for continued Medicaid without a spend down, check the monthly list of Section 1619 cases called "OBRA Section 1619 Cases." If the client is not on the monthly list, you must send them a notice asking them to provide proof of their 1619 status before terminating their Medicaid.

If you have any questions about your 1619 status, contact your local Social Security office or the Health and Disability Advocates (formerly the SSI Coalition) at 312-223-9600.


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